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Are you one of those weird ass people who is obsessed with your dog that everyone secretly hates? Do you want another cute way to annoy both your friends and your four legged friend? Then you need the PetPouch!

The PetPouch is a lightweight pet carrier that can be worn as a backpack or front pouch. It comes equipped with easy-access side zips, a velcro and elastic top closure, and is made from a breathable mesh fabric. The PetPouch was designed with your pet’s comfort in mind and includes leg and tail cut outs. Best of all it’s durable and washable!


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Durable and washable

Leg and tail cut outs for max comfort and wagging

Easy-access side zips, velcro elastic top closure, and breathable mesh fabric 

Well padded to ensure the comfort for both you and your pet

Fully adjustable straps, with internal leash attachment

Can be worn on your front or back


Material: Nylon

Size: S, M, L, XL

Color: Pink, Red, Blue, Black, Rainbow, Stripes, Patches

Size Chart

               Bag size         Chest             Back Length           Pet weight      

S            28*18cm      within 30cm         25-28cm          2.5kg(Chihuahua,Puppy)

M           32*20cm         24-43cm            29-34cm         2.5-3.5kg(Hiromi,Teddy)

L            38*23cm         36-50cm            31-38cm         3.5-6.5kg(Sherila,Adult teddy,Pekingese)

XL         41*24cm          43-63cm            39-43cm              5.5-9kg